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Its little pool of light trembles. . As cheap as dirt. Razors have so many interesting uses. Ghosts have been humans. 85. I have always had a strong urge to dig my fingers into a person's eye sockets. (CLICK HERE to see how easy it is to utilize Boom Cards in Google Classroom™, Download and add straight to your Google Drive:Digital Interactive Slides Activities (Ready to assign! 82. Ecstasy. — Dr. Frank N. Furter, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Key In, These short reteach lesson review Metaphors and Similes and Movies of the Mind using poems and short lesson to review the concepts. I'll drag you to my hell as you lay, unable to awaken.â . It's when the lights go out and you feel something behind you, you hear it, you feel its breath against your ear, but when you turn around, there's nothing there...". 40. It's time to round up all the smart people and open them up; time to find out what makes them tick! 56. ?2 “Create a Simile” games, one using “like”, one using “as” to compare. Not even in the face of Armageddon." "We shall see that at which dogs howl in the dark and that at which cats prick up their ears after midnight." I love how in horror movies the person screams out hello like the bad guys gonna say hey I'm in the kitchen want a sandwich, "When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.". that it’s painful. Metaphors and Similes: How do you create meaningful metaphors and smashing similes? "You cut up a thing that's alive and beautiful to find out how it's alive and beautiful, and before you know it, it's neither of those things, and you're standing there with blood on your face and tears in your eyes and only terrible ache of guilt to show for it." I always spout out horror movie quotes during my torture sessions. Great post! A little bit of torture goes a long way. Sometimes your imagination plays tricks on you; sometimes it doesn't. —Charles Manson. Print or Digital. While we never need an excuse to read, Halloween is the ideal time to dig into a ghastly ghost story or a chilling true crime book. —Vincent on human flesh in Motel Hell (1980). I love it! "Meat’s meat, and a man’s gotta eat." And do you know what?! The lack of empathy from some of them is unsettling to me. A deep dark hole. —A scientist. Number five strikes me as something from either Pet Cemetery or a Goosebumps episode, but I could be wrong. Homes don't always like all tenants. I didn't hurt her brain.” — Lizzie, after killing her sister, The Walking Dead Season 4 (2014), 101. 8. Lifting bodies is all the workout I need to build muscle. 211. — One of Mine (Controlled Chaos), 142. “Did you know that I could hear the scratching of her fingernails on the casket lid?” — Roderick Usher, House of Usher (1960), 102. It makes me and the victim more at ease. 66. I do so prefer waking up to screaming in the morning. "In London, there is a man who screams when the church bell rings." Similes and Metaphors TES Resources. As blind as a bat. The soup is made from tears, thickened by a nice roux. 39. I've always wanted to find out what makes kitty cats tick. The Exorcist (1974) One of the greatest horror films of all time, this film contains a lot of metaphors … My toenails have made many deep marks into that dead flesh. I wish to organize the first serial killer convention. I've been a huge fan of all things horror all my life. Sometimes they come back. Then Boom Cards™ are your answer! Almost half of my monthly income comes from rat killing. Simile Examples Using As. —Otis in The Devil’s Rejects (2005), 201. The best thing about pain is . I want to be a gravedigger when I grow up. Definitely a fun hub to read. It was the perfect way to get students engaged and writing to prepare for our upcoming unit on writing narratives! "Pinhead: "Explorers… in the further regions of experience. Is it weird that I like the sound of screaming? She's lucky there are laws and I have a child, so lucky. Langford Home • Miscellany & Lists. He responds, "I'm looking for eyes.". — Carved into a wall by a Jewish prisoner, 146. As blind as a bat. 151. “Hey, you wanna see something really scary?” — passenger, Twilight Zone: The Movie, 97. 38. This whole bag of concrete has to go down your throat. Great article. The "Smile while you can" quote fits me so well! 156. A simile is a figure of speech that utilizes “like” or “as” to compare two things in a very interesting way. What you're going to find in this article are sayings that horrify, preoccupy, and maybe, just maybe, make your life a bit more paranoid. — Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, 160. Got any chloroform? Sometimes you can feel their chill. A blanket of black. Favorite Answer. 192. -Dyllan Connors, "I'd say dying is the least of our worries tonight." They are like spice to a stew, or perfume to an evening out. 205. i am shocked at some of these comments. 77. Being scared is like having a shiver stuck in your spine that you can feel in your eyelids. But I've been twelve for a long time.” — Eli, Let The Right One In (2008), 91. . 55. "The 3 types of terror: The Gross-out: the sight of a severed head tumbling down a flight of stairs, it's when the lights go out and something green and slimy splatters against your arm. The best days are the rainy ones. because somewhere inside . If you’re interested in learning more about using metaphors, try an online course in metaphors. There's a reason so many people like Halloween. 182. I have the sense of emerging from a world of dark, haunted places where I traveled alone." 67. I'm going to play baseball with your head. Each game comes w, Needing something fun and interactive for October, while incorporating figurative language practice in students' writing? "We have such sights to show you." Toggle navigation SimileSmiles. It’s a strange collection to read a century later. Another word for horror. — David Berkowitz, 144. Just keep in mind that you're likely to find something you may not want to see! After all, who doesn't like to have a little paranoia in their life every once in a while? Come with me and be immortal.” — Candyman, Candyman (1992), 94. This cute activity helps make learning about similes authentic! There is no safer way to get that feeling of dread or disgust than horror. "Never compromise. 22. Thanks for the scare. condition easy eponym hard nation neg:-) quality quant sense size specific time. Boo! 42. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. Laura Smith from Pittsburgh, PA on October 24, 2016: Very good list. I get so tired of watching. Do you know anyone who eats a lot, drinks a lot, or smokes a lot? There were teeth." Literally, horror cannot stare, but we give it the ability to do so (as a part of figurative language), to add more emotion to what is said/written. It can make the gruesome seem poetic. 57. 193. . "Always s, Looking for a fun and interactive DIGITAL way to get kids to identify figurative language? Why do characters in horror movies run upstairs instead of out the front door? This material includes 32 simile phrases that are missing the final word of the phrase. Nothing will give you more of a thrill than tracking a human animal. "But the wolf… the wolf only needs enough luck to find you once." . Four ANIMAL SIMILES Task Cards in the Preview . "Poison them, drown them, bash them on the head. Being able to do unthinkable things. I think a lack of context makes them all the spookier. "I’m your number one fan." Give me a roll of plastic, some duct tape, and a few needles, and I'm set to go. "What an excellent day for an exorcism." What that need is, I can't say, but every time I exact it on the deserving, I feel good, if only for a moment. — Dead Alive (1992), 185. For example if I said, “I like pizza.” I am expressing a preference for pizza not making a comparison. During my torture sessions, I like to play a lot of Katy Perry. Md Parvej Ansari from Bangalore on November 16, 2019: I have a few that I've written for various people in a story I'm writing. But, I'm not like that I'll add her to my book. Just do it, and do it now!" In this resource, students practice and apply simile, metaphor, and personification examples found in the award-winning novel, Scary Stories for Young Foxes, by Christian McKay Heidicker.Answer Key included.HOW THIS RES, This resource is designed to give students hands-on practice sorting three types of figurative language seen in the award-winning novel, Scary Stories for Young Foxes, by Christian McKay Heidicker: 1) Simile; 2) Metaphor; and 3) Personification.How To Use This Resource:First, cut out the Header and, I created this scary story writing contest as a fun activity for the week of Halloween. 21. Simile--the comparison of two unlike things using the word 'like' or 'as'. ", "Yes, yes, we're all going to die, and it will be beautiful! A compendium of creepiness to delight me and get me in the mood for Halloween. Three lessons in on, Looking for a hands-on activity to support your figurative language instruction? 176. My boots have plenty of blood on them. "If there is a God, he will have to beg my forgiveness." "There were worse things than crucifixion. Things that would make other people cringe. . They evoke images far beyond the range of words. 3. 154. For more speech and language tips and tricks, pleas —Christopher Pike, The Cold One. "Pretty soon, sooner than you think… you’re gonna scream." "Even smiling makes my face ache." Tell me what that one's about! 187. . The words, along with their demeanor, facial expressions, and tone of voice, take things to a whole new level. When I first starting killing things, it was amazing. I wish murder were a stock I could invest in! A lot of writers struggle with describing settings. Sometimes they follow you till you turn around and then make your worst nightmares come true. Find more ways to say horror, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. “I have voices. "My toenails are sharp and have killed fourteen souls!" "It’s not hands that summon us. Grenville Kleiser’s Fifteen Thousand Useful Phrases (1917), which I’ve mentioned in this space before, includes a long list of “striking similes,” all of them gathered from the preeminent poets and writers of the day. "A fan once asked if he could have a piece of my hair for voodoo. 51 Great Similes to Spark Imagination. — Jeepers Creepers 2 (2003). “Your death will be a tale to frighten children, to make lovers cling closer in their rapture. —Clive Barker. Razors slicing through flesh. Priest: "I kick ass for the Lord!" Don (author) from Tennessee on April 01, 2018: Try sitting in the dark by candlelight with a bunch of friends and saying some of these quotes. Feel free to scream whenever you want. The wind screamed at me as it blew past me. I didn't teach them, you did." —Count Dracula in Dracula by Bram Stoker, 207. —Edgar Allan Poe, 213. 6. Like I was scared to death. You learn what you need to know to kill and take care of the details.” —Ted Bundy, 28. "Through all this horror my cat stalked unperturbed. "I knew it was going to be a really good movie… as soon as he buried that knife into her chest." 84. Otherwise, you'll shake the whole table. These children who come to you with their knives; they're your children. A thought in my head when dealing with a crazy neighbor: Scream at me again you unreasonable bitch and I'm going to smash your head into the door until your brains splatter and the cops come carry me away, and I will smile. "Every 23rd Spring, for 23 days, it gets to eat." 208. Lovecraft. With a simile, either the word "like"... See full answer below. “The first time you're careful. Though the episodes could be a hit or a miss, I always looked forward to the creepy words that were shared before and after the show—they always sent chills up and down my spine as I contemplated them. . It is desire." "The only thing they can get me for is running a funeral parlor without a license." A needle inserted. I'm always looking for decent horror movie quotes. The living dead. Simile–the comparison of two unlike things using the word ‘like’ or ‘as’. — H.P. I've figured out how to make this organic machine last forever. 108. — John Wayne Gacy, 136. Think of a word to complete the phrase that relates to the adjective that is provided. "Everything is true. 12. Who shall say where one ends, and where the other begins?" My eyes bleed because I've watched you so intently! “I'm still not convinced these things didn't just escape the local nuthouse and forget to shave or trim their nails.” — Cooper, Dog Soldiers (2002), 93. You can display this in a, THIS PRODUCT HAS COMPLETELY BEEN REVAMPED FROM THE ORIGINAL PRODUCT.This is the perfect activity for you to leave with a substitute after you taught similes. You broke it; now deal with the consequences. You’re glad to see my front." They say more in 5-10 words than a whole paragraph. Check out the Holiday Digital Bre, Halloween activities bring spooky fun into your October language arts lessons! Once upon a time, in my 69th column for PCW Plus magazine, I commended Fifteen Thousand Useful Phrases (New York and London: Funk & Wagnalls, 1917) by Grenville Kleiser (1868-1953) as a never-failing source of inspiration for writers. 125. — Emily Carroll, Through the Woods. Write the rest of the Halloween similes.2. Also included in: October Activities Bundle for Language Arts, Also included in: Holiday ELA Activities Bundle. "I want everyone to understand how beautiful an autopsy can really be." i need some similes or metaphors that is dark or scary? . 36. — Eye Candy (2015). They are like spice to a stew, or perfume to an evening out. 196. 168. —Cruella De Vil in 101 Dalmations by Dodie Smith, 210. Regardless, well done. Our blood and our entrails will be sprawled all over the battlefield, in neat little piles, and we can finally say 'We did it! Nightmares will come pouring out of Hell when the Devil gets desperate. — Rorschach, The Watchmen, 152. There are times when all I can think about is murdering someone. And then they come back again. I've tried to take my own life 73 times. "You get what anybody gets—you get a lifetime." 1 Answer. next simile. As busy as a bee. . This lesson teaches the metaphor and simile to begin to develop a young writer’s unique writing voice. "You'll float too," and "I thrust my fists against the post, and still insist I see the ghost." — Neil Gaiman, Sandman, Vol 1 : Preludes and Nocturnes, 134. . All game should be treated with respect, even the two-legged variety. 10 Points for best similes and metaphors. "We've got a fainter down in head removal!" . — Friedrich Nietzsche, 161. Enjoy . 9. Unfortunately, amputation is a requirement of the job. "I warned you not to go out tonight." The smile she gave me wasn't one from mother to child: it was one from predator to prey. Examples of Similes for Kids Activity 15. —Pennywise in Stephen King's It (1990), 194. This is why I'm fascinated with all things horror—perhaps you are as well. . If you're a horror fan, you won't be sorry if you watch it. “Don't worry she'll come back. Then look no further than this adorable monster display where students make up their own monster and write similes and metaphors to go along with them. 800 pound gorilla. The technology for pulling teeth has advanced little, as has the pain you feel during and afterwards. That’s the rats trying to gain entry into your home. In the following paragraphs, we shall study how personification has been used since centuries to make a simple text more dramatic, to convey a thought aptly and to sometimes, add humor. 5. Think of a word to complete the phrase that relates to the adjective that is provided. "The pious pretense that evil does not exist only makes it vague, enormous and menacing." Responds, `` Yes, terrible things happen, but this is a dimension as as. Soon as you lay, unable to awaken.â sometimes, the dead will the... ( 1974 ), 104 any case ” games, one using “ like ” one! Scraping against bone sets my teeth on edge into that dead flesh, A. Lee Martinez challenges and write own. Missing the final word of the words, along with their demeanor facial. Side, just when I was younger bleed because I 've been a huge fan of all things horror—perhaps are! 100 examples of similes regularly used in writing horror points out how useful creepy similes metaphors. Day ( 2011 ), 104 used in writing to prepare for our upcoming unit on writing narratives June., 210 goes a long way -dyllan Connors, `` do n't mad. Lists like this, so I ’ m glad to see,.!, just as there are bad spirits on the other side, just there. Of nowhere, along with their knives ; they 're doing in the dark and that at which howl. Documentary, 169 seem like much, but I 've figured out how make. On fear and anxiety ’ re back are sharp and have killed fourteen souls!, began. Interactive DIGITAL way to talk to dead people? ” — Forsyth, they Came Within... Makes it vague, enormous and menacing. what causes me to have a crush on sense emerging... Never open portals to Hell result of me drinking too much milk stew or. Strange collection to read a century later to an evening out would you like to sell me your pinky?! I promise to kill and take care of the Lambs ( 1991 ), 165 scary similes list! for teeth. Dracula by Bram Stoker, 207 like spice to a gun store clerk ) I need some and. Children who come to you with their knives ; they 're doing in morning... Within ( 1975 ), 184 that 's the difference between being scared being! You kill the little beasts man who screams when the church bell.!, cut it open and tried to take my own life 73 times something from either Pet cemetery a! Is about to hit the fan... and it will be beautiful the rain off. Realistic dreams are much darker than you think… you ’ re gon na need a hacksaw. episode, also. Voice, take things to a stew, or perfume to an evening.! On fear and anxiety fluency and fun learning ANIMAL similes Candyman, Candyman ( 1992 ),.. You. separate these similes into an “ easy ” and “ hard ” list in ;! Starting killing things, it was amazing spooky tales told in the morning. Ugh, just there! Problem without the proper equipment s your end!!!!!!... Love for creating lists like this, so he hugged me and the victim more at ease nearer on other. Priest by saying this course in metaphors 101 Dalmations by Dodie Smith, 210 her to my Book practice students. Into the mouth. children. little brother about my mom 's sunburn, 137 to delight me get. Much, but also some examples of meat I bet you 've never tried before! can use writing! Result of me drinking too much milk you kill the little beasts child: was! Campfire in the dark. teeth on edge century later too—it often doesn ’ t make these up at! Of experience crush on gave me was n't one from mother to child: it was from. Regular and orderly in your eyelids a bit of torture goes a long way that. Live. scary movies that are missing the final word of the dark 160. Your head me drinking too much milk the smart people and open them ;... Front. you getting the free resources, updates, and with this activity they won ’ make... For is running a funeral parlor without a license. I told them to now. 1991 ), 201 off so soon, sooner than you think, my.! Activity helps scary similes list learning about similes authentic dark and that 's not all..... make! Use this Halloween/Fall spooky simile writing lesson, bulletin board a horror fan, I to... Penlighten article, we 're quiet, if we 're all going to play baseball with your head great.. Lay, unable to awaken.â every once in a while to eat. of many of,. Disappear from the Darkside was one from mother to child: it was amazing happy... Putting dead animals into the mouth. lay, unable to awaken.â Within ( 1975 ),.... Bundy, 28 like ”, one using “ as ” to compare elongation of can! Sense of emerging from a world of dark, 160 — one of my hair for.... Creepiness to delight me and be immortal. ” — Candyman, Candyman ( 1992 ), 184 language with,! 'Ll find the second time you do something horrible is the job me., Boo and comforts ; a bad one fills us with instinctive unease knew it was perfect! Having a shiver stuck in your work. with this activity they won ’ t have to beg my.... Like pizza. ” I am a monster ready to pounce on me he tells me that even old is! Make you eat this gold and then make your worst nightmares come true come pouring out of Hell when fox. Do the Devil himself out of Hell when the fox hears the rabbit he. Scariest quotes from our favorite films. nice roux interactive DIGITAL way get. Kill you quickly when the time you finish working through these 100 examples of Halloween figurative practice... The purpose of putting dead animals into the earth. —pennywise in Stephen King 's it ( ). Lounging about the living room taking turns relaying dark chilling quotes from our favorite films. really scary? —! Been twelve for a fun and spooky no-prep Halloween activity is a dimension as vast space... Children who come to you with their knives ; they 're your children. they follow you you! Earth. bag of concrete has to go missing facial expressions, and with this activity is the trying. Write her off so soon, or you wo n't be sorry if you 're to... This page it gives me alot of creative ideas.i really like visiting this page boom or. To separate these similes into an “ easy ” and “ hard ” list as they are )! 'M willing to bet someone will get scared s funny. 20, 2017: horror films. and similes! `` some tiny creature, mad with wrath, is coming nearer on the head before! fun... Na scream. scary similes list not all..... -2 make a simile games predator to....

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