it was nice to know you

Jawaban Pertanyaan Interview: What can we expect from you in your first three months? You can hear it very distintly in the song. Apa saja frasa lain tersebut? B: It’s lovely to meet you too. There’s nothing wrong with saying “Nice to meet you.” It’s one of those social pleasantries that we barely notice when it’s there. → nice Examples from the Corpus it’s nice to know (that) • Well, it's nice to know the ad is working. You can also substitute "a pleasure" for the tepid "nice". Faktanya, masih banyak frasa lainnya selain “nice to meet you too” untuk merespon “nice to meet you”. Nice to nice to know ya let's do it again How we did it in on a one night stand Girl I wanna be more than a friend, to you Nice to nice to know ya let's do it again How we did it in on a one night stand Girl I wanna be more than a friend, to you She lookin pretty real nice Lightly remote she have the perfect body type Telling someone, “nice to meet you” is formal but also laid back and easy going. Definition of nice talking to you in the Idioms Dictionary. It's just simpler. (Senang berkenalan dengan Anda) Kita juga bisa menggunakan “the pleasure is all mine” untuk merespon “nice to meet you” dalam konteks formal. Hey baby, are you sure that you want it All caught up in the moment, let me know now Oh baby, it got a little crazy on the first night So I'mma have to do you better than the first time B: Thank you. You are telling someone that meeting them has enhanced your life in one aspect or another. The video, directed by Jeb Brien, features the band performing the song in a live concert. Explanation of the English phrase "It's (nice/good/great) to hear from you. (Senang berkenalan denganmu juga). Chris Brown and Tyga now! B: Thanks. Jika diterjemahkan secara harfiah, “the pleasure is all mine” berarti “semua kesenangan adalah milik saya”. Contoh: A: Nice to meet you. And yet, even though you know better, you might sometimes find yourself being the one who is condescending. You knew you were making excuses for a fake nice guy, and now you know better next time. Categories French Vocabulary. For example, imagine that you get an email from a colleague in a different department at work who you last spoke with two weeks ago. (Senang berkenalan denganmu) (Senang berkenalan denganmu) She lookin pretty real nice Lightly remote she got the perfect body type Here are a few appropriate responses to “Good to hear from you.” * Thank you. Contoh: A: Nice to meet you. It is a way to express gratitude towards a person and let them know you appreciate their presence. (Senang berkenalan dengan Anda juga). B: You too. Definition of nice to have you here in the Idioms Dictionary. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. It’s good to get to know people who are different from yourself.” The world’s a big place and you may find that you have more in common with people than you think or, in this case, that you know more gay people than you think. It seemed OK to me, but maybe other phrases are better. //

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